Flipkart Big Billion day Sale: Hits, Misses and what could have made it better

First of all, hats off to all the team members of Flipkart who would have been working non-stop for this Big Billion Day Sale day and to all the backend and logistics team who have to work day and night to ship more than 6 lakh orders. Big Bazaar, which is the big daddy of Indian retail industry have been successfully running Maha Bachat sale in the month of august for more than 10 years. They also started with 1 day sale and later transitioned to 6 day event after realizing that 1 day sale do give you lot of publicity, but if you are able to serve only a small fraction of shoppers, then the rest of the shoppers really get frustrated.

Here are my observations on Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale:-

Lesson not learnt fully from Xiaomi Mi 3 Sale: Flipkart site crashed many times during Xiaomi Mi-3 sale because of huge demand of product. Traffic for the same was limited to those who wanted to buy mobile phones. After seeing the “Sold Out” sign for the mobile phone, majority would have left the site as the sale ends with it. So the sale was for very short duration.

After first few Xiaomi Mi 3 sale which lasted for seconds to minute only, people got really frustrated and were all over the social media complaining about it. Flipkart was then compared with irctc ticket booking experience, in-fact I would say that irctc without the best talent of the country is doing a decent job. Flipkart is the most trusted brand in E-commerce in India, and any such backlash which happens after a flash sale can dent the image.

Compare Xiaomi Mi-3 sale with a full day sale of Flipkart Big billion day sale, with a nationwide campaign, offers across several categories leading to massive traffic throughout the day. This also resulted in massive number of disappointed people.

Vision was not correct: Never heard of any sale in India which was named after the sales target of the day. Most of the sale events are named on what user would get from it and not what seller will get from it. So the sale name “Flipkart Big billion day” was not named appropriately and hence the focus was misplaced. All the preparation was around how to sell more. High value products were chosen so that the transaction size is more for achieving the target.

Sachin Bansal(founder:Flipkart) told this sale is aimed to get more people to E-Commerce.Really? Although this sale created lot of buzz around it, but the way it was executed has proved that this is not the right way of increasing user base. Imagine millions of first time customers coming on the Flipkart and seeing the site down, offers going out in milli-seconds and slow site. It’s good to see couple of products at unbelievable prices, but then probability of getting the product is like winning the lottery or winning 7 crores in KBC. It will be hard for people to believe whether those prices were for real and whether they have enough quantity of those products. On Sale day, there was no Cancellation or refund policy. Along with replacement, easy return and refunds are the important aspects for the first time buyer’s. People like flipkart because of its service which includes fast shipping and easy return/replacement/refund.

Flipkart website issues: All kind of errors surfaced on the site including site unavailability. Three of the error messages are in the images below. Is this the image flipkart want to be associated with? Apart from this normal/loyal users who were not interested in the sale, also faced lot of issues in completing the orders on that day.


502 Flipkart  error


Something wrong Flipkart Error


Flipkart 500: Internal Server Error








Billion hits! But how many users? Flipkart claimed to have billion hits on the flipkart website. But, does this number make any sense unless we know how many unique users visited. As the offers were going out of stock quickly, people visited the site multiple times in a day and during every visit pressed the refresh button several times. Only 15% (19-20 crore) of the India population has access to internet. So this statistics of 100 crore clicks does not make any sense.

Was this sale for the humans or for machines?: In the first attempt, I was able to select the product and add it to the cart. Once I proceeded to the checkout window, it asked to confirm the shipping address. After this the confirm address button stopped working. It would have been a matter of 2-3 seconds out of which most of it was consumed in page load time. In Second attempt for a different product, Product was added in the cart but the price of the product was changed to no-discount. In third attempt, the product disappeared from the cart itself. Once the product is added to the cart and we get the confirm-address button, then the probability of that transaction completing should be high. But no matter in which phase of the transaction you were, transaction was aborted by flipkart.

More than 6 lakh orders. What about the delivery? While products like Xiaomi or Motorola phones would have been distributed across multiple locations before this sale for quick delivery, but still It would be a huge task to deliver all the items on time. India has a limited logistics supply chain with limited amount of space in airlines, train and on Road transport which always run with 80-90% of utilization. All the e-commerce companies rely a lot on big logistics companies like Fedex, Blue-Dart and Gati. Problem is not only the flipkart orders, but it is the orders from all the major e-commerce companies like Amazon, Snapdeal , ebay etc which saw the huge volume on this day. Snapdeal reported more than 10 times increase in the sale during this day.Huge number of orders will choke the logistics supply for several days during this peak Diwali season. Because of this, there will be more damaged shipments in transit, more lost shipments and huge number of orders which will miss the delivery deadlines.

Snapdeal site fared better than Flipkart: Snapdeal has been doing Snapdeal savings day for a very long time and has a better experience in managing such sales day. Although Snapdeal volume would have been much lower than the Flipkart, but still Snapdeal site did reasonably well as compared to the Flipkart. There was a huge traffic which after getting disappointed from Flipkart moved to other sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Orders worth 600 crores: Almost half of it will be with couple of brands. Xiaomi sold some 1,50,000 phones worth 110 crores(125000 redmi and 25000 mi3). It would have sold the same on any other day on Flipkart also. Motorola which has some exclusive launches with the Flipkart, My guesstimate is that it would have sold Motorola phones worth more than 200 crores.

Economics of Sale

Flipkart is a platform for selling products online and has more than 10,000 sellers. Flipkart itself cannot sell its own products directly as it has received the FDI funding which is not applicable for B2C(Direct retail. Applicable for Wholesale or indirect sales). Flipkart get a percentage of any transaction which happens on its portal. There are multiple ways in which it will get paid for the discount offered on the sale day:-

  • Flipkart earn with every transaction: A day having more than 10 times sales as compared to normal day would mean more earning for Flipkart naturally. Like the sale which happens in chains like Big Bazaar, Easy day or Reliance retail which offer huge discount on only 5% of the products, Flipkart also offered the discount on select products. So even on a Sales day there would have been good sale of non-discounted products.
  • This sale will result in addition of new users to a big set of existing users. These new users will in future make further transactions. E.g. If this sale resulted in increase of net base of customer by 10%, then it would earn additional 10% sales in the coming months which comes out to be a big number. So if the currently monthly sale is 1000 crore then there is a possibility to do additional 100 crores of sale from this month onwards. It would backfire if the sale results in reduction of user base.
  • New users with registered email will now get the deal mails regularly from flipkart resulting in sales increase.
  • Discount from Sellers: Some sellers would have agreed to give discounts from their margin to customer.
  • Advertisement on Website: Flipkart gave space for advertisement on the home page as well as on other pages. Makemytrip.com and wearyourshine.com are some of the portals which advertised on the portal. Kenstar launched the OxyFryer with flipkart taking space on home page.
  • Exclusive launches means more margin/profit: Exclusive launches from Motorola and Xiaomi means more margin and hence more profitability. By launching exclusively on Flipkart these mobile companies are saving lot of money which they would have spent on advertising and handling the distributors across the country. E.g. a Mobile phone which company sells it to first distributor for 6,000 ultimately get sold on the retail shops for 9,000 (approx) as there are lot of middlemen involved in each sale. While using platform like Flipkart, they can sell the same product for Rs6,000 directly to the customer on such days.
  • Brands sell older/outdated products at huge discount: Those companies which are going to launch new products sell the old products on huge discount so that the inventory is flushed from the sellers/company to generate cash for new products. Samsung sold the Tab-2 which was launched 2 years back at 1/10th of its original price, although quantity is not known. Similarly before the launch of Iphone 6, Apple sold Iphone-5s at huge discount.

What could have improved the user experience

  • Clarity on the quantity available for sale: Except for the Xiaomi, Quantity for other products on discount was not disclosed. Being the #1 site in India, More transparency from Flipkart would have helped in making it more trustworthy.
  • Minimum discount on all products: There was no minimum discount set on all the products. In many cases a product having the MRP of Rs 1000 is sold at the half price for few seconds and then again price is reverted to Rs 1000. A minimum discount of let’s say 5% would have attracted more users to continue shopping for other products instead of leaving flipkart after disappointment.
  • Price increase before the sale day: Lot of users complained about the increase in the selling price of the product on the sale day in order to show more discount. Flipkart could have ensured that seller do not increase the rate couple of days prior to and on the sale day. This is applicable especially for private label products where the MRP is set by the seller itself.
  • More discount is not always helpful: Selling product at 1/10th of price helps in attracting more number of users, But in order to reduce number of disappointed users, It would be good to sell the same product at let’s say half or 1/5th of the price but with increased quantity.
  • Push versus Pull: Most of the users have to do frequent refresh in order to check whether the new deal has come. This would have resulted in huge load on servers. An approach could have used where new deals are pushed to the already opened page. Or another option would be to use the same way which Twitter use to indicate the user that new tweets are available on the open twitter page.
  • More user engagement on pages other than home-page: Offers were available mostly on the home page. So once user clicks on some offer it lands to the product page. But on that product page if the product is sold out, there was nothing else to keep the user engaged, no suitable related offers were displayed on the page. Consider this with the following retail store analogy:-

On a big sale day in a retail supermarket store, people go with the trolley/cart to a section according to the need. Once they get or do not get the things they want in that particular section, they are attracted towards other offers in that area. And then they slowly navigate and shop to different parts of the store filling the trolley. If the flipkart example had to be applied here, people would go from main gate to a particular section of the store on seeing the offers on the main display of the store. Then if they get or do not get the product they return back to the main gate to see more offers which are displayed only on the main gate. User has to repeat this process which made him frustrated

  • Timing and Predictability: While the sale started at 8 AM, It was not clear when the items of a particular category will come on sale. For example those looking for offers on let’s say kids product did not know when the offer will come. So they have to check the site again and again creating frustration and load on server. This could have been avoided by having a clear time slots assigned for sale in specific category. e.g. slots like 8 to 9 (Mobile), 9 to 10(Clothing) and so on. Or smaller slots of 10 minutes. People love surprises but equally love predictability.
  • Geographical Distribution of Offers: To cater high volume of traffic, different offers could have been displayed in different geographical areas at the same time. Thus dividing the number of contenders for each offer and increasing the conversion rate for consumers.
  • Going for multiple day sale format instead of one big day: Instead of going for 1 day sale, having multiple day sale format help in traffic distribution and makes it possible for the users to access the site according to the convenient time.
  • Better and clear communication : When people are in hurry, they might not notice the change of price after they have clicked on the “Buy” button. User need to be intimated about such changes probably with some colour coding to get proper user attention on the change. A better way to inform the non-availability of the product should be devised while the transaction is in progress.

It would be unfair to compare Amazon with Flipkart

Amazon was founded in 1994 and had the revenue of US$ 74 billion in 2013. Flipkart is quite new and was founded in 2007.Its 2013-2014(FY) revenue was around US$ 98 million. Having been started with a small investment of 40 lakhs, Flipkart has played the most important role till date in making the E-Commerce a reality in India. We need to have faith in Flipkart(Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal) and Snapdeal(Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal) founders/entrepreneurs who are competing with some of the biggest international e-commerce companies and big offline retail players, by giving them enough time and chances to correct their mistakes.


Right to be Forgotten: what it is and its Google EU request form

If Barack Obama’s January-2014 speech on mass surveillance was an attempt to start a comprehensive dialogue between government, public and private companies, This new European Union(EU) ruling which requires Google to provide “Right to be forgotten” for its citizen is a big step for the privacy warriors.

What is right to be forgotten? Well as it happens with any legal language, its definition is also filled with lots of jargon and synonyms. One simple form of definition is the Individual right to get the information on the internet about him/her removed which has become obsolete or irrelevant now on request. One example will help in understanding this and I would not refer the specific case on which this ruling and future guidelines were given, people are referring that case so often on internet in context to “right to be forgotten”, which means now that person has to send several requests for the removal of new content published about that case.

The example is suppose 15 years back a person failed to repay a loan and that information was published on a website during that time. 15 years after that incident, link to that news still appears when anybody makes a search about that person on a Search Engine. Now that information has become obsolete if suppose government, companies or individuals need to know this information only if it happened in last 5 years then it does not make any sense to keep that news alive for such a long time. Now resident of EU countries can send the request to Search Engines (like Google) for removal of links to such news in the search engine. And the counter argument is still some people who want to do business with that person would like to know such information.

Complexity of Implementation: Complexity is manifold as there is lot of subjectivity involved with the “right to be forgotten” and most of the requests, manual analysis will be required to assess whether request is accepted. User has the right to approach the regulatory agencies in EU if they are not satisfied with the outcome of the request.

Process for exercising “Right to be Forgotten”:Google has provided link for submitting the request. You can check the form at Google Right to be Forgotten form   . Google has made a committee for reviewing the applications which will go through all the requests.Each request has to be submitted with relevant documentation.


Google Right to be Forgotten Form

Would people be interested to use it: Google got 12,000 requests on the first day when it made the page live for accepting the requests which shows there are lot of people in the future in EU who want to use this feature.

Privacy issues related to Requests: All requests for “right to be forgotten” need to be accompanied with valid documents of the requesting person like Photo-id which in turn mean revealing private information to third party.

What about outside EU? This is only applicable for residents of EU countries and chances of other countries following the same looks bleak in the short term, although we will see increased pressure on government of Non-EU countries for having the same right.

My views on the future implications of this ruling: While the world is trying hard to tame the huge amount of data (big data) related to transactions and behaviour of people around the world for competitive advantage and profitability, there is a small but growing base of people who feel that they deserve to be anonymous and do not deserve to be tracked. Once that base grows to a significant number we will see increased number of restrictions on the Companies related to collection of data.
Public memory is no longer short as web, social media and increased number of contacts which Individuals have as compared to 10 years back keeps the memory fresh.
Eventually each bit of data generated on the net will have an expiry date after that the data will no longer be available. Snapchat gave the hint and need of such feature.

Google Gmail Innovations to stay at top

Last night when I pressed the send button after composing the mail on Gmail, I was surprised to see a pop-up reminding me that I wrote about attaching the file in the mail but did not attach any file to it. Remember how many times you send or get a mail without the intended attachment and how such simple feature can reduce such instances. Need for this innovation was there even 10 years back or from the time when email started, but at least now Google thought about it and implemented it using simple text parsing.


Going back to the launch of Gmail beta in 2004, People liked it so much that they became the brand ambassador of it and helped in spreading it across the globe and very soon those who were under the misconception of having unique name were disappointed to see email-id with their name already taken. Thanks to the allowed special characters and creativity of individuals in creating unique, awesome and sometimes weird email-ids. As per Wikipedia Gmail had more than 425 million users in June 2012. Here are some of the innovative features which made Gmail a huge success

Speed: Speed is synonymous to Gmail. Whether it be time taken for new account registration, Login time, Searching email using keyword, opening of new email or email window, Sending of message and each or everything which you want to do with an email client. Ran a simple test on developer mode of Chrome to check page load time for Gmail and Yahoo mail:-

When Marissa Meyer joined as Yahoo CEO from google, I expected things to change in Yahoo, But the new version of Yahoo mail which was launched had more focus on themes, fonts, UI, making more space for ads and making it look glamorous instead of improving the user experience and need for speed.

Spam Filtering: Gmail has really effective and innovative spam filtering and created a confidence in the users that they don’t have to check the Spam folders. There is a huge difference between the number of spam mails which you get on Gmail as compared to other services.

Gtalk Integration: Google was first to integrate the chat client with Email and soon included the voice and video chat options to it. Companies had hard time blocking the chat feature of the Gmail Users were happy with the option of using a single Service for both email and chat.

Gmail Tabs: A highly innovative feature which separates the mails in multiple categories based on the email type like Social Media specific mails, Promotions related mails and Primary mails which contains those mails which matters most to you. This unique features organizes your mailbox and reduces the time spent in checking the mails. For mass mailers and Spammers this has become a bottleneck for them, as people do not normally see the tab containing the Promotions related mail. They are trying hard to find ways to make sure the promotion related mail which they send to multiple people gets place in the Primary tab.


Simultaneous Usage Information: A simple way for finding from where all and from which platform your email was accessed. Apart from IP Address it also provides the location from where it is accessed and an option to close all the running sessions. This option is present at the bottom left of the email window.


Login Options: Recently Gmail asked users whether they are accessing email from home/private computer or public place. Now if same computer is accessed for gmail by multiple users than Gmail presents a user interface having tabs for multiple users and with user-images. You can select your email-id quickly by just one click. Earlier each person has to be manually type the email-address.


Integration with other offerings: Gmail provides an easy interface for accessing the umbrella of products like Google+, Docs , Youtube etc. which it has and avoids the requirement of entering the login information again.


The list is quite long and it is clear that no matter how old the product or technology is, constant thinking and innovation is required to retain and increase the market position of the product and Gmail has proved it by doing this time and again.

Are Arnab Goswami Newshour debate topics biased?

Debates by Arnab Goswami on Times Now are quite famous, but off-late I started noticing that it is targeting certain Political parties. So I took the data from the Times Now Site and did some excel math on it. I am not a political expert, so there are chances of error in my analysis.

Only those debates are included which target a particular political party. Those involving multiple parties and topics not related to politics are excluded. These debates are from 12th January 2014 to 28th March-2014


Number of debates against each party

As seen from the chart above majority of the debates are around the shortcomings of Congress(126) party followed by Aam Aadmi Party(48). Only 2 debates are against the BJP.


News Hour Topics in terms of Percentage

Above chart shows that 72% debates are against congress, 27% against AAP and only 1% against BJP. This kind of distributions seems abnormal.

Here is the list of topics:-

Topic Against Focus on Pro/Against
Debate: Gandhis vulnerable? – 1They finished fourth in Uttar Pradesh in 2009 with just 10 seats – so this … Congress Rahul Gandhi Against
Debate: Caste card, last card – 1Unveiling an agenda of rights- based welfare schemes with reforms to pursue… Congress Congress Manifesto Against
Debate: An obvious poll push? – 1With Rahul Gandhi in the vanguard, Congress is expected to fall back upon l… Congress Manifesto Against
Debate: ‘Party first, individual later’ – 1Over the last two weeks, his party has been on a controversy spree – from t… Congress Chavan Inclusion Against
Debate: Sidestepping seniors? – 1Defying the party, Jaswant Singh on Monday (March 24) filed his nomination … BJP Jaswant Singh Exclusion Against
Debate: Ally hunt: NDA ahead? – 1With a rainbow alliance in Tamil Nadu and a hint of a tie-up with the Peopl… Congress BJP ahead of Congress in Poll Alliance Against
Debate: ‘Impotent’ to ‘nursery child’ – 1Union Minister Salman Khurshid has raked up a fresh controversy by question… Congress Salman Khurshid Comment Against
Debate: AAP threatens media – 1In a debate moderated by TIMES NOW’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, panelis… AAP Aap Media Comments Against
Debate: ‘PM let me down’He has spoken out for the first time after coming out from jail. A Raja spe… Congress Raja comments against Congress Against
Debate: Salman Khurshid does it againIn strong comments about the Supreme Court and the Election Commission, Ext… Congress Salman Khurshid Comments Against
Debate: Taint no bar? – 1Former Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal was re-nominated by Congress fro… Congress Pawan Kumar inclusion Against
Debate: Loyalty over propriety? 1Faced with a dilemma over handing tickets to leaders facing allegations of … Congress Pawan Kumar inclusion Against
Debate: Aam Aadmi Party hits aam aadmi – 1AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday (March 12) kicked off his Lok Sabha… AAP Kejriwal Mumbai Visit Against
Debate: Rahul’s Hitler remark – 1Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday (March 11) launched a blistering attack on Narendra… Congress Rahul Gandhi Remark Against
Debate: Fighting polls or media? – 1A video showing AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal asking a TV news anchor to empha… AAP AAP Media Remark Against
Debate: Rahul’s Godse card – 1Accusing Rahul Gandhi and Congress of flouting the Model Code of Conduct, B… Congress Rahul comment on Godse Against
Debate: 2 disasters in 10 days – 1The Indian Navy suffered yet another mishap on Friday (March 7) with gas le… Congress Indian Navy Mishap Against
Debate: A stunt a day – 1Two days ago his supporters went berserk in the capital, indulging in an al… AAP AAP supporters vs BJP supporters Against
Debate: A revelation a day – 1TIMES NOW began the week by exposing a torrent of scams and promised to fol… Congress Scam, Rolls Royce Against
Debate: Gang war approach to politics – 1AAP workers on Wednesday (March 5) fought running battles with BJP activist… AAP AAPvsBJP workers Against
Debate: AAP sparks street fight – 1AAP workers on Wednesday (March 5) fought running battles with BJP activist… AAP AAPvsBJP workers Against
Debate: Commissions or kickbacks?More details are emerging in the jet engine kickbacks scam – which further … Congress Rolls Royce Against
Debate: Is UPA crushing merit? – 1Last Friday TIMES NOW exposed the medical scam that left United Progressive… Congress Medical Scam Against
Debate: Jet engines kickbacksThe Jet engine kickbacks scam is expose number 4 tonight.. Defence Minister… Congress Augusta Deal Against
Debate: AgustaWestland paybackTwo years ago when TIMES NOW, for the first time, exposed irregularities in… Congress Augusta Deal Against
Debate: Govt cheated India’s braveTIMES NOW exposes how three reminders were sent from the Western Command to… Congress Submarine Against
Debate: Lutyens scam – 1The biggest scam of UPA II – the Lutyens scam – a massive land scam, has th… Congress Lutyens Scam Against
Debate: You paid for this! – 1In December last year, TIMES NOW cameras followed them from the Airport in … Congress Bangaore MP foreign trip Against
Debate: Fighting with junk – 1Confirming worst fears, Indian Navy on Thursday (February 27) said two of i… Congress Submarine Mishap Against
Debate: The 120 minute u turn – 1Rejecting Oil Minister M Veerappa Moily’s proposal to give Sudhir Vasudeva … Congress UPA Appointment Scam Against
Debate: Apology for what? – 1Union Minister Salman Khurshid on Tuesday (February 25) described Narendra … Congress Salman Khurshid Comment Against
Debate: 12 accidents in 6 months – 1Indian Navy Chief Admiral D K Joshi on Wednesday (February 26) resigned tak… Congress Submarine mishap Against
Debate: Dutt twisting the law? – 1Days after Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan defended extension … Congress Sanjay dutt extension Against
Debate: Insecure of a free media? – 1Stoking a controversy, Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde threatened to… Congress Sushil Shinde comment on  Electronic media Against
Debate: Troll the free media – 1Against the backdrop of attack on media by Arvind Kejriwal and former Army … AAP Kejriwal Comment on Media Against
Debate: Scams on the backburner? – 1In a debate moderated by TIMES NOW’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, panelis… Congress Possibility of giving ticket to tainted ministers Against
Debate: Was the Govt spooked in 2012? – 1In a debate moderated by TIMES NOW’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, panelis… Congress Army and Congress relations Against
Debate: ‘Rally tax’ withdrawnAn embarrassed Central Excise Department on Tuesday (February 18) hastily w… Congress Rall Tax related Against
Debate: FM’s self certification valid? – 1Wooing the middle class ahead of elections, Finance Minister P Chidambaram … Congress P Chidambram Budget related Against
Debate: The 48 day bailout – 1Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal resigned on Friday night (February 14)… AAP Arvind Kejriwal resignation Against
Debate: Brinkmanship over governance – 1Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal resigned on Friday night (February 14)… AAP Arvind Kejriwal resignation Against
Debate: Anti Cong tsunami, total Modi wave – 1If elections were to be held now (February, 2014), it would be a complete w… Congress Anti-Congress Wave Against
Debate: Back AAP, get subsidy – 1In yet another populist measure, Arvind Kejriwal Government on Wednesday (F… AAP AAP subsidy policy Against
Debate: What was PMO doing?A controversy has broken out over the appointment of an Additional Director… Congress Appointment of Additional Director Anti
Debate: 22 departments, zero answers – 1Arvind Kejriwal is known as one of the chief crusaders of the Right to Info… AAP Arvind Kejriwal departments Anti
Debate: Time for full disclosure? – 1British Prime Minister David Cameron has asserted that there was “absolutel… Congress Britain role in Bluestar operation Against
Debate: 2002 via Communal Bill? – 1Opposition on Wednesday (February 5) scuttled introduction of the controver… Congress Introduction of Communal Bill Against
Debate: Britain’s Bluestar hand exposed – 1British military’s role in the 1984 Operation Bluestar to flush out militan… Congress Britain role in Bluestar operation Against
Debate: Cynics proven wrong? – 1Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday (February 4) demanded actio… AAP Nido Case Against
Debate: Who wanted big bunglows? – 1He has ardently professed austerity and proclaimed an anti-VIP culture stan… AAP Arvind Kejriwal Bungalow related Against
Debate: BPL definition war – 1In a debate moderated by TIMES NOW’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, panelis… Congress BPL-Definition Against
Debate: Arvind backs ‘India’s Taliban’ – 1Khaps in Birbhum district of West Bengal recently ordered the gangrape of a… AAP Arvind backs Khaps Against
Debate: LPG wish granted – 1In a setback to a UPA project touted as a ‘game-changer’, government on Thu… Congress Raise of LPG quota to 12 Against
Debate: Protests, demand & a counter – 1More contradictions, more accusations and more trouble for the Congress par… Congress Rahul view on 1984 riots during interview with Arnab Against
Debate: Interview sparks off debate – 1Delhi Government on Wednesday (January 29) decided on a probe by a Special … Congress Rahul view on 1984 riots during interview with Arnab Against
Debate: Unconvincing on corruption – 1Over the last few months the all new Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi h… Congress Rahul view on Corruption during interview with Arnab Against
Debate: Cagey about Modi? – 1He may have come across as cagey, stopping short of aggressively taking on … Congress Rahul view on2002 riots during interview with Arnab Against
Debate: No apology for 1984 – 1He broke his silence after a decade and when it came to the issue of the 19… Congress Rahul view on 1984  riots during interview with Arnab Against
Debate: Rahul takes questions on a range of subjects – 1For the first time, Congress Vice President & Congress Poll Campaign Chief … Congress Rahul Interview with Arnab Against
Debate: ‘Votebanks not in your pockets’ – 1Narendra Modi on Thursday (January 23) hit out at Congress for ‘chai-wala’ … Congress Use of Vote bank of Poor people Against
Debate: Why U.P matters – 1Narendra Modi on Thursday (January 23) hit out at Congress for ‘chai-wala’ … Congress Congress chai-wala comment Against
Debate: Vocal Minister loses voice – 1Launching a defence of Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti in the case relate… AAP Somnath Bharti related Against
Debate: Climbdown by Kejriwal – 1Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s unprecedented dharna in the heart of… AAP Kejriwal dharna Against
Debate: AAP going too far? – 1In an unprecedented face-off with the Centre, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind K… AAP AAP Somnath related and face-off with Centre Against
Debate: Over enthusiasm or immaturity? – 1Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti was at the centre of another raging row w… AAP AAP Somnath related Against
Debate: Avoiding a face off? – 1Rahul Gandhi will not be Congress party’s nominee for Prime Ministership in… Congress Naming Rahul for PM Against
Debate: Brits guided Blue Star – 4Amid the raging row over claims that Margaret Thatcher’s government had aid… Congress Britain role in Bluestar operation Against
Debate: Brits guided Blue Star – 1Amid the raging row over claims that Margaret Thatcher’s government had aid… Congress Britain role in Bluestar operation Against
Debate: Who’ll expose whom? – 1In a scathing attack on Sushilkumar Shinde, former Home Secretary R K Singh… Congress RK Singh comment on Sushil Kumar Shinde Against
Debate: Rahul hints, Congress clamours – 1Ahead of the AICC meeting on Friday when he is expected to be named the Con… Congress Rahul reluctance to be named as PM candidate Against
Debate: Too early to dismiss AAP? – 1After his first ‘janta darbar’ ended in a total chaos, Chief Minister Arvin… AAP AAP janta Darbar Against
Debate: Junket uninterruptedWatch the Uttar Pradesh MLAs waving to the TIMES NOW cameras, smiling away … Congress Grilling of  Jayanthi by Arnab after “Jayanthi Tax” Against
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Flappy bird app was earning $50,000 a day before developer removed it from App store

Flappy Bird game which went viral on the Android Play store and Itunes store was earning more than $50,000 a day from ads before the developer who made this game pulled it out from the App Store. Flappy bird was a simple game in terms of the graphics and the functionality, but it was really engaging and challenging. In the game you have to pass the bird without hitting the pipe/tube at the bottom and the top. The game ends if the bird hits the pipe/tube or the ground because of gravity. In order to keep the bird up you have to click and with every click it moves up, but if you click more then it will touch the pipe above and if you click less it will touch the pipe below. So user has to play this game multiple times to stay in the game even for 30 seconds. In my view this challenge was the main factor behind its success.
How much this app was earning?: Game was among the top apps on both Apple and Google play store and its downloads were increasing rapidly. As it was free app, the revenue it earned was from the ads which were displayed in the game. It was reported by TIME, that app was earning more than $50,000 per day.There were more than 50 million downloads during the last year.

Who developed it?: This game was developed by a developer called Dong Nguyen and it took only 2-3 days for him to develop it. Dong Nguyen is from Vietnam

Why Nguyen deleted it?: It remains a mystery, but as per developer comments, complaints from the user and the publicity he was getting was too much for him to handle. Here are some of the recent tweets from Nguyen




Alternatives available: Multiple options are available on Play store and Apple store but none close to original.But to see how the game looked, you can check the Clumsy Bird on Play store

People selling phones with Flappy Bird on Ebay for Thousands of dollar :king for $16,000,$5000 etc. and most of the listing are valued above $2,000 for phones. Have a look at Flappy bird phone listing at ebay.

Cleary, This kind of mania for this game  and what the developer did was unprecedented.