5 problems with my Google nexus 5

5 problems with my Google Nexus 5 phone

Here are the 5 problems which I face consistently with my Google Nexus 5 device. Being a die-hard fan of Google Android, I waited for couple of  months to get this device and am disappointed a bit because of these points.

Low Sound Output: Sound output of the speakers is very low and you can feel it while playing video. Apart from this sound quality is also not that good. I have heard that Google has increased the size of speaker holes in the newer version, but too late for me.

Google Nexus 5 Speaker
Google Nexus 5 Speaker

Speaker Placement:  Google Nexus 4 had speakers on the back side and people complained about speaker getting blocked resulting in low sound output when kept flat. Google Nexus 5 has speakers at the bottom, and the above problem is solved. But the new problem is that while playing games or videos in landscape mode your index figure will block the speakers because of which you get very low sound output. Because of having more width than the iPhone devices, the finger tend to block the complete speakers and reduces the output significantly. Check out the difference in sound output because of right hand in the video below.


Overheating:  While playing videos,rich graphics games or Apps , Top back side of the phone gets hot. Sometimes I can feel the heat of the device when kept in the pocket because of the unclosed applications. While searching on the net I found it to be a common problem and someone suggested to play games in open or air-conditioned environment :)

Phone connection problem: Sometimes when phone is kept in locked mode, you hear the ringtone because of the incoming call but when you press the power button, screen for accepting the call is not shown because of which you can’t accept the call. After the call ends you get to see the information about the call in the missed call list. A device restart is required in this case. After checking on the net I found that this problem is because of the wifi settings. I changed the Wi-Fi frequency band from Auto to 2.4/5Ghz in the advanced Wifi setting and not seen the above problem in last couple of days.

Battery Life:  Even with moderate use, Battery doesn’t last for one full day.Although Google Nexus 5 has a 2300 mAh battery, higher than that available on iPhone, but because of bigger screen size and clock speed Google Nexus 5 consume more battery. My expectation is that the battery should last at least 24 hours with moderate use.

Except for the overheating issue, I am okay with the rest of issues because of other features which Nexus 5 has. But I wonder how come these issues were not found/fixed during the beta testing of devices. Device design and usability are some areas where Apple is still the best and continues to remain at that position even without changing much in their devices in last several years.

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One thought on “5 problems with my Google Nexus 5 phone

  1. Arpit Reply

    Apart from the problems mentioned above., i have iphone 4 with ios 7 combination.
    It is the worst combination,phone hangs a lot while making calls,apple need to address this.
    These smartphones are not smart enogh till now.

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