Amazon stunned everybody: Drones for delivering packages in 2015


It was least expected from Amazon to demonstrate or even talk about the use of Drones for the delivery. It was always been companies like Google in the recent time talking about next generation technologies like Driverless car, Google Glass, wearable devices etc.Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon has certainly surprised the world in a big way and this will definitely change the way people think about the Amazon.

What are Drones? Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles controlled by computers remotely or through remote control using radio frequency. Although drones have been associated mostly with military operations, but they have been involved in firefighting, policing and surveillance activity and have multiple senors attached to it.

How Amazon want to use it? Amazon plan to use octocopter(multi-rotor) Drones  for delivering packages to customer whenever they opt for this special service if everything goes well and they get all the regulatory approvals sometime in 2015. They aim to deliver the packages within 30 minute.The best part of it is that it is a green option as it works on electric motor unlike the delivery trucks which runs on diesel.

In 2013, we saw big conflict and a court-fight between Amazon vs IBM over the CIA cloud contract which Amazon ultimately got it, An amazing high performance Kindle Fire and now to end the year with this news. Clearly,a great year for Amazon.

Check Out this video from Amazon.

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