Check before you buy online

Check before you buy Online

Check these points before you click on “Buy Now” Online.

1) Google it: The most common and obvious thing is to do the research for the product you want to buy. Do Google with “Buy ProductName India”. e.g. if you want to buy Samsung 32 inch LED TV in India, Then do google by writing Buy 32 inch LED TV India. This will give you lot of list of Online retailer selling this product along with the prices. If you know the model name then you can quickly compare the prices across various sites.

2) Check Ratings and user Comments: Check the ratings and comments given by other users for the product. This will also give some information about the seller quality and information about the product. It is recommended to order through known E-commerce sites for better service.

3) Check Delivery Time: Check the delivery time mentioned to see if it suits you.You can also call customer care if the delivery time is not mentioned on the site. I faced the same problem when ordered the Kent RO online, It was delivered in 8 days and that too after calling the Regional Manager, as Customer care was not ready to provide any date for delivery.

4) Check Delivery Charges: Check the delivery charges and while comparing prices keep this in mind. Some sites provide free delivery while some don’t. Some sites charge for delivery only if the total order is below a specified value. e.g. Some seller will mention that delivery is free if the total order value is greater than Rs500. In such cases if your product value is around Rs 450, then instead of paying Rs 50 as a delivery charge, buy some item worth Rs 50 which you really need.

5) Taxes included or excluded: Check if the applicable taxes are included in the quoted price or excluded. If nothing is mentioned about the taxes, then you can confirm it by doing a checkout which will show the total amount you have to pay.

6) Check Payment Options: Check if the payment option you are comfortable with is available and is there any additional charges for that payment option. Some companies charge extra for Cash on Delivery (COD). You can also check if the EMI option is available with the product.

7) Provision for Installation:  If your product requires installation then check if that is included in the product cost. If not, then consider installation charges also while comparing prices.

8) Check Warranty: Check if warranty is included with the product and for how much duration.

9) Check if product is new/refurbished/used:  Some websites provide refurbished products like , etc. but they clearly mention whether the product is new or not. Apart from this some websites provide a marketplace for selling used products, so check for it.

10)Check Price in city retail stores:  If your product is costly, Get telephone number of renowned retail store in your area using local business directory or sites like and check the price for your product.

11) Wait for few days if you can to get benefit of Retargeting:  Some of the e-commerce sites you visit for finding the right product keeps track of it and will try to give you a better option by showing offers to you either on the webpages you browse or will inform you on email if you are registered with that site. This normally takes couple of days and it is not guaranteed that you will get the offer every time. I will write about the Retargeting and how it works in forthcoming blog.

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