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Flappy bird app was earning $50,000 a day before developer removed it from App store

Flappy Bird game which went viral on the Android Play store and Itunes store was earning more than $50,000 a day from ads before the developer who made this game pulled it out from the App Store. Flappy bird was a simple game in terms of the graphics and the functionality, but it was really engaging and challenging. In the game you have to pass the bird without hitting the pipe/tube at the bottom and the top. The game ends if the bird hits the pipe/tube or the ground because of gravity. In order to keep the bird up you have to click and with every click it moves up, but if you click more then it will touch the pipe above and if you click less it will touch the pipe below. So user has to play this game multiple times to stay in the game even for 30 seconds. In my view this challenge was the main factor behind its success.
How much this app was earning?: Game was among the top apps on both Apple and Google play store and its downloads were increasing rapidly. As it was free app, the revenue it earned was from the ads which were displayed in the game. It was reported by TIME, that app was earning more than $50,000 per day.There were more than 50 million downloads during the last year.

Who developed it?: This game was developed by a developer called Dong Nguyen and it took only 2-3 days for him to develop it. Dong Nguyen is from Vietnam

Why Nguyen deleted it?: It remains a mystery, but as per developer comments, complaints from the user and the publicity he was getting was too much for him to handle. Here are some of the recent tweets from Nguyen




Alternatives available: Multiple options are available on Play store and Apple store but none close to original.But to see how the game looked, you can check the Clumsy Bird on Play store

People selling phones with Flappy Bird on Ebay for Thousands of dollar :king for $16,000,$5000 etc. and most of the listing are valued above $2,000 for phones. Have a look at Flappy bird phone listing at ebay.

Cleary, This kind of mania for this game  and what the developer did was unprecedented.


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One thought on “Flappy bird app was earning $50,000 a day before developer removed it from App store

  1. Alam Reply

    Dong Nguyen pulled it down because it was too addictive.

    “I just wanted to create a game that people could enjoy for a few minutes,”

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