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India’s love for gold zoomed iPhone-5s Sales

India is one of the top importer of Gold in the world and India’s love for Gold could be one reason why iPhone-5s sales zoomed in India. Apple launched both iPhone-5c and iPhone-5s at the same time in India and expected iPhone-5c(~Rs40,000) to get huge demand in India because of it being cheaper than iPhone-5s(~ Rs 50,000 to Rs 65,000). But the reverse happened and India saw huge demand for iPhone-5s.iPhone-5s vanished from the stores across India within few days and there was a huge backlog of orders with all the retailers and Apple tried hard to meet the demand but couldn’t do it.While Gold version saw the highest demand, Even the Silver and space-Grey were not much far behind.Some  people switched to other phones after waiting almost for a month.iPhone-5s Gold was priced at a premium to plain model as compared to other countries.Here are some key trends from Google:-

iPhone-5 more popular than iPhone-5s in US and UK

This could be one reason Apple expected the lower demand for iPhone-5s in India

But in India iPhone-5s is more popular than iPhone-5

In which states of India iPhone-5s it is more popular?

At the top of list is Jammu and Kashmir followed by Punjab and Goa. Surprisingly,Delhi is at 8th Number and Maharashtra at 9th.

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